Our Management Team

Deborah Howell, Chief Executive Officer

Deborah Howell

Chief Executive Officer

Shellie Burdick, Chief Medical Officer, DO

Shellie Burdick, DO

Chief Medical Officer & Physician

Jenine Saunders, Chief Financial Officer

Jenine Saunders

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Garvin, Dental Director, DDS

Kevin Garvin

Dental Director & Dentist

Lea D Queen, Director of Behavioral Health, PsyD

Lea Queen

Director of Behavioral Health, PsyD

Samantha Guthman, Practice Manager

Samantha Guthman

Chief Operations Officer

Anne Hilow, Director Of Quality and Informatics

Steven Ghidinelli

Chief Quality Officer

Cynthia Lands, Dental Office Manager

Cynthia Lands

Dental Office Manager

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