Alexander Valley

“These guys are great. I haven’t been to a doctor in a long time. This week I pulled a tick off my arm and it turned bright red and started to swell. I called Alexander Valley Healthcare and they said there were no appointments left that day, but asked me to come down and a nurse would take a look at me. Long story short, I checked in, saw the nurse and a doctor in less than an hour. Got a prescription for some antibiotics. The nurse and doctor were great … they are my new healthcare provider.”

“I like how if I have other concerns about my health the doctor will help me in the same visit and I don’t have to make another appointment.”

My doctor has been very helpful and has listened and addressed all my medical needs 100% to my liking.”

“All the years I have been coming to this doctor’s office, I have never had a problem. I have three boys who also come here. I really respect the people here. My family thanks you.”

“Muchas Gracias por sus atenciones del personal de esta clinica.”

“Great staff throughout the office. The follow up is wonderful. So grateful AVH is here in Cloverdale.”

“Todos son muy buena gente. Les agradesco.”

“I hadn’t been there in over 6 months and my health care plan had expired. Most doctor’s offices and/or health care clinics would’ve turned me away or told me to come back when I had coverage, but not Alexander Valley. I was able to make an appointment with their financial services department THAT DAY and they took care of all my paperwork and forms for my new health care plan. All I did was sign a couple of papers and they did the rest.So the reason for my visit was I had ran out of my medication that I was prescribed by my private practice doctor (he closed his practice and retired). I let them know my situation and I was able to see someone the next day and get my prescription filled, even though my health care plan was still being authorized by the county.Thank you Alexander Valley Healthcare for taking care of me and thank you for doing it in such a timely manner! Never leaving you guys ever again!”

“My family doctors are at Alexander Valley Healthcare and they are the best doctors my family has ever had. They are so good with my son (special needs). To us, they are worth their weight in gold!”

“Elizabeth and all the fine folks at Alexander Valley Healthcare always make every effort taking time to listen and hear the patient instead of just moving us through like sheep. Thank you for providing my family the best and loving care.”