Board of Directors

James-Berry headshot

James Berry

Board Chair

Jeanne-Cox profile headshot

Jeanne Cox

Board Vice-Chair

Robert-Freelen headshot

Robert Freelen

Board Secretary

James Novak, MD

Board Member

Tony-Bugica headshot

Tony Bugica

Board Member

JeffreyMeier headshot

Jeffrey Meier

Board Member

Chuck Levine

Board Member

deborah G

Deborah Grizzard

Board Member

kim p

Kim Petersen

Board Member

mark t

Mark Thayer

Board Member

Terms of Service:

Alexander Valley Healthcare’s Board members live and/or work in the Cloverdale/Geyserville area and serve a three year term.  Most Board members are not affiliated professionally in the health field and over half of the Board members are consumers of health care services at AVH, truly making it a community-consumer directed Board.

Board Recruitment:

If you would like information about applying to join AVH’s Board of Directors, please call the Administration Office at (707) 669-1777 weekdays 9AM to 5PM.