Health & Wellness Center FAQs

When will the new facility open?
We anticipate that the new facility will be open in the Fall of 2025.

What type of services will be provided at the new Alexander Valley Health & Wellness Center?
In addition to an expansion of our primary medical, dental and behavioral health care to serve 8,000 – 9,000 patients (almost double our current patient population), we also hope to add greater access to dental hygiene and specialty dental services, substance abuse treatment and a Teen Clinic. We will also expand access to social service aid.

As we move into the new facility, we will add services such as Pharmacy and Lab, expand our specialty care, add Wound Care, Physical and Occupational Therapy, community health and nutrition education classes, County Health services and offer a multi-purpose room for general community use. 

We are also working with partners to gather data to determine in what other ways our new facility can support the wellness of our community.

How was Thyme Square chosen for the new building site?
AVH worked with a realtor to look at all our options, from re-furbishing existing buildings to purchasing land. Thyme Square was the only property large enough to meet our needs for a new building and provide adequate parking to support our patients. We are proud to be able to build our new Health and Wellness Center at the entrance to town where it is easily accessible to our entire community.

Who came up with the design for the exterior of the building?
The goal of community volunteers, board members and providers and staff at AVH was to create a bright, light and open building that would represent health and wellness and be welcoming to all. It was also important that it align with our desire to have minimal environmental impact. The Stromberg Architecture firm was contracted to design the building because they are familiar with the work and goals of Alexander Valley Healthcare and specialize in sustainable building.

Why is the new health center so much bigger?
Building a system of care for the whole person relies on a foundation of primary care. The health and wellness center will act as a “service hub” to create a platform for all our services. By housing medical, dental and behavioral health in one building, we increase the integration of services and “warm handoff” between clinical teams. In addition, access to services not provided by AVH, such as lab services, and Sonoma County Health and Human Services all in the same building will help to promote a system of overall wellness. We will be the go-to source to everything from medical care to health and nutrition education. 

Does AVH need help paying for this new state of the art medical facility? 

YES! In addition to funds raised through federal and state grants, Alexander Valley Healthcare is actively seeking corporate and individual partners to help us reach our funding goal. For more information contact Kirsten Tellez, Director of Development at (707) 203-2135 or

Will the new building be LEED Certified?
Yes, the new building will strive for LEED certification at the highest level, Well Building certification at the highest level and CalGreen certification.  It is our goal to build a space that is a welcoming environment for our patients and community members as well as our providers, clinical staff, and administrators.

What will happen to the AVH properties once the new facility is opened?
The current AVH properties are all leased. Once the new building opens, we will relinquish the properties to their owners.

Is AVH funded or managed by the County of Sonoma?
No, AVH is a private non-profit federally qualified health center (FQHC) governed by a Board of Directors who are local community members and most of whom are patients. AVH has been awarded grants through the County of Sonoma to provide various health and medical services. AVH continues to have a collaborative relationship with the Department of Health Services and participates in a variety of health focused initiatives and campaigns coordinated by the County of Sonoma.

Will there be lab services?

Yes, we are looking to contract with an independent lab services company.

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes, new patients are welcome! We accept all types of insurance as well as Medicare and Medi-Cal, and we provide a sliding scale payment opportunity for those without insurance or ability to pay. 

How do I become a patient of AVH?

 Call 707-203-2135

Do you have a question about the Alexander Valley Health and Wellness Center? 

Please contact: