Same Day Appointment Access


Same Day Appointments fill the gap between primary care and an emergency room visit by serving patients who require immediate, non-life threatening medical attention. The Same Day Appointments often fill quickly; we advise calling early in the day – we open at 8 am Monday-Friday.

Patients should take advantage of Same Day Appointment Access if they have a minor illness or injury and feel an urgent need to be seen by a physician. For the most part, Same Day Appointments are intended to cover health needs such as: Minor injuries, sore throats, upper respiratory symptoms, earaches, coughs, and frequent urination or burning sensation when urinating. For major injuries or illnesses, patients should call the health center and speak to the triage nurse for guidance.

Do I need an appointment?
Yes, we fill these appointments on a same day basis Monday, 8am – 7 pm, and Tuesday through Friday, 8am – 5pm (short term hours in effect until Aug. 31, 2022). Please call 707-894-4229 for appointment availability. If you are not sure which type of care you need, call the health center.