2020 HRSA Quality Award for Improving Health Technology

Alexander Valley Healthcare (AVH) was recognized with a 2020 Health Improvement Technology (HIT) award by the U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA). The HIT recognition is part of the Quality Improvement Awards presented annually by HRSA.  

Specifically, AVH received the HIT award for advancing telehealth and patient engagement in order to increase access to care and improve quality of care. 

AVH began connecting patients with medical specialists through telehealth during the past year. Instead of traveling out-of-town to a specialist’s office for care, the patient speaks with the specialist in a video visit from an exam room at AVH. For our patients, this makes it more convenient and practical to talk with specialists who are hard to find in our community. 

HRSA presents the Quality Improvement Awards to recognize the highest performing health centers nationwide, as well as those health centers that have made significant quality improvement gains from the previous year. As part of the award, AVH received a grant of $40,750 from HRSA.